What’s a job?

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This Was Originally Posted On 11-23-08

I was talking to a my sister and I realized that people have a certain perception about just about anything. She called me and asked what I was doing. I was still asleep and said that I was just getting up. It was just after noon but considering the fact that it was about 5am when I went to bed, I was doing good. I did want to get up by 2pm so I could watch Rachel Ray. She made a comment about it’s not like I had to get up to go to a real job. Statements like that irritate me. For some reason a lot of people have a certain perception of what a “real job” is. If you work for yourself or work a job that’s not physically demanding then it’s not a real job. That’s just a load of shit in my opinion. My mentality is that if you can generate a income from it whether it’s on a full time or part time basis then it’s a real job. I also think that a lot of times when people make comments like that, there’s a hint of jealousy to the comment but they will say it in a joking way.

It’s wild because a couple of days ago when I talked to her she was telling me that she’s about to go back to school. My mentality is, “Good for you.”. I find that some people will go that extra mile to achieve what they want and then some people will do just enough to get by. The ones who will do just enough to get by or the ones who won’t put forth any effort are the ones who be jealous and make comments like that. Those are also the motherfuckers who are quick to want to borrow money or need a favor when it suits their purposes to be bothered with you. I would sure like to know where this concept of what a real job is came from. I’ll end this post here.

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