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Originally Posted On 4-15-08

I always say that what goes around comes around. It’s a old saying but it’s true. I have a habit of piling the mail up and I found a surprise the other day when I went to throw the old mail away. I picked up this envelope and something told me to open it up. I opened it up and it was something from a law firm. I was reading it and I just started laughing. This company that I had worked for had a class action lawsuit and the letter was basically saying that if you were a employee or former employee of this company and some of it’s subsidiary companies. Evidently they were sued because people were working overtime and wasn’t getting paid for it. I worked for one of the subsidiary companies. This didn’t apply to me because I made it clear from day one that I didn’t work overtime. I had been in that industry long enough to let them know upfront that I wasn’t going to do it. Of course they tried to see if I would work overtime and when they got tired of asking and me saying no then they got the message. There was a lot of shit going on where I worked. The bitch that was in charge along with a buddy were stealing time from the company. They would take time off, come in late, leave early and get someone to work in their place and the person would get fucked when it was time to get paid. They would doctor the time sheets so they got paid for that time instead of the person who actually worked it. The head office knew what was going on and didn’t do anything about it. Now I know why, it was a company wide thing. It finally caught up with them and now they have to pay all of that money to those employee not to mention lawyers fees and court cost. That’s the price of being slick and trying to fuck the little man over. That was the last straw that made me quit that fucking job to do this full time. It’s the best move I’ve ever made. I wonder if they fired that fat ass bitch. I couldn’t stand her and she couldn’t stand me. I didn’t make it a secret either. She couldn’t get me fired cause I didn’t give her a reason to and I know it bugged the shit out of her. I was the only woman she didn’t fuck with. They thought I was crazy cause I wasn’t kissing ass. I didn’t win any popularity contest. I’m ending this post. I just talked to the master/slave that I told you about and he gave me a update on is latest adventure.

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