They dynamics of family poitics….

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Originally Posted on 3-31-08

Self righteous people just piss me off sometimes. Everyone else is living their lives wrong and they are right about everything. A lot of self righteous people are master manipulators. I usually go to my sister’s house on sunday to basically visit with her children and of course see my mother since she lives with my sister. My car broke down on the way to my sister’s house so she had to come to where I broke down and bring me to her house. My sister and her family were going to the movies so that left me alone with my mother. I knew my mother would use that as a opportunity to talk about my sister which wasn’t positive. My mother gradually worked to conversation to getting on the subject of me and the fact that she was worried about me. I told you that self righteous people are masters of manipulation. I don’t know why she thinks that she can manipulate me and I don’t have sense enough to see it. My family knows what I do for a living. My siblings don’t think of it as a real job because I don’t draw a pay check but at the same time they don’t say anything about it. As long as I’m not trying to borrow money then they could care less. My mother on the other hand thinks that I spend all day waiting on the phone to ring. She doesn’t know about the cam part of what I do as far as I know.

My mother used the fact that my car broke down and that I need a new car as a opportunity to manipulate me into getting a “real Job” because she’s worried about me. Of all of her children I’m the one she’s worried the most about. She thinks that I should get a regular job and get a pay check because that’s guarantee. I think she sees what she wants to see. She has a long memory when it comes to other people and has a short memory when it comes to themselves. She forgets that she worked for over 20 years for herself with children to raise. She didn’t let anyone tell her how to make a living. She had a couple of part time jobs over the years when she first started working for herself but she never gave it up unitl she got sick and couldn’t work anymore. I just can’t stand manipulation and politics in the family dynamic. I’m to old for that shit and that’s the reason I don’t say to much during thimes like that is that I don’t want to be in the middle of the shit when it hits the fan. When that happens you have to choose sites and I’d rather be neutral. You can’t even have a general conversation without feeling like you’re being manipulated somehow. I’ve always heard that there are two sides to every story and the truth is somewhere in the middle. If you ask both sides what’s going on then you’ll two very different versions of the same situation.

I’ll end this post now.

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