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Originally Posted On 4-23-08

I was just sitting here thinking about when I was younger and what my mentality was as compared to now. Sometimes I think about how I would’ve never thought about being in this industry. When I was younger I cared what people thought. Now that I’m in my 40s I could care less about what someone thinks. I heard someone say once on job that I was working that when you’re older you don’t call as many people your friend. That’s a true statement and also when you’re older you find out that family is not what you thought they were when you were younger. They tend to have a short memory when it comes to the things that they say and do. They have a long memory when it comes to you. I couldn’t wait until I turned 40 years old cause I knew I would be raising hell and I was like fuck everyone who don’t like it. I’m too old for that shit, it’s about me now and living my life the way I see fit. I’m having more fun now that I did back then. Damn, I love being in my 40s. Don’t let the hype fool you, youth isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You don’t start living until after you turn 35 years old. I end this post now and see what mischief I can cause.

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