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I was going to make this a blog post but I decided to make a whole page of it so that I can add to it anytime I want to. Ok, let me tell you what happened to me earlier. I was just waking up from a nap and having dinner when I get a Skype call. This wasn’t just any Skype call but was comming through SkyPrivate. It said that the person calling was able to pay for the call. I accepted the call after I got that message. As soon as I accepted the call I got a message in my chat box saying that the caller didn’t have enough in his account for the call and to add money to his account. Below is a print screen of the message I got. Click on the image to see the full print screen. The call lasted exactly 1 second.

Nothing is for fucking free with me. This is pay to play. I always have my cam from head to shoulders (Just like the fucking shampoo). That’s all you will see is my head and shoulders. If you can bust a nut from my ugly head and shoulders then knock yourself out. Fucking wankers!

I think it’s a shame that I have to put these fucking losers on blast. Hey, it is what it is and I don’t mind doing it. If you pull this shit on me then you will end up on this page and also on my cam website.

New Loser Added To The List

Ok, I started this Scammers And Assholes Page on my blog and website. Let me tell you what happened on Sunday. I had this guy come into my free chat area several times. This first time he came in he wanted to see basically what I had on or what I was working with. I can’t remember wich one. I stood up and showed him what I had on from the front. I knew I shouldn’t have done it and a little later I realized that I shouldn’t have stood up. He kept comming back and forth into my free chat trying to get me to stand up and shake my ass. That wasn’t gong to happen with out a tip and I told him. Below is part of the conversation we had before I banned his ass.

jerkboy2013: shake it one tine for the old folks

nemesisdvine: spend the money

jerkboy2013: i got you tip one time for the youngin

nemesisdvine: I don’t see no tip

jerkboy2013: i see you got no trust for the youngiin

jerkboy2013: i got you no lie

nemesisdvine: I sure don’t

nemesisdvine: I’m old school not new school

jerkboy2013: get update

jerkboy2013: not making no money just sitting there

nemesisdvine: I’d rather sit here than do it for free

nemesisdvine: you looking for pussy

nemesisdvine: pussy not looking for you

nemesisdvine: go to one of those young girls

jerkboy2013: go head old school so you can get this money

jerkboy2013: want tou gonna do for this tip?

nemesisdvine: you been in here long enough

jerkboy2013: tryina help you pay yo bills

nemesisdvine: what I’m gonna do?

I answered his question by blocking his ass. I blocked his black ass, that’s what I did for that tip. The bitch had $10 in his account. That’s enough for 2 minutes of private chat with me. He fucking sat in my free chat for over 20 minutes trying to get something for nothing. I stood up and showed him what I had on from the front. I knew the bitch wasn’t going to spend no fucking money. He’s black and figured I was going to do anything for the money. That’s what pisses me off about these black guys. You can tell they’re black the second they speak wether it’s written or verbal. The come to me and think they can pull that shit. I treat all these fucking wankers the same. It’s about the money plain and simple. The only think that brok ass bitch got was a fucking block.

Another Fucking Loser

nemesisdvine: hello

stevo181990: hey baby

nemesisdvine: hello

nemesisdvine: how are you

stevo181990: horney how are u

nemesisdvine: I’m well

stevo181990: can I see your body to c if I like

nemesisdvine: you can if you tip me

stevo181990: well il go private if I like it

nemesisdvine: too many of you come in here with that

nemesisdvine: if you didn’t like it then why did you come in here

stevo181990: well im going private then

stevo181990 has started a private nude show

stevo181990 has 00:02:00 remaining.

stevo181990 has ended a private nude show.

Broadcast stopped. Press the Free Chat button to resume broadcast.

stevo181990 clicked end of show.

This fucking asshole thought he was being slick. He was in private chat for less than 30 seconds. I only had time enough to stand up and move the chair so I could show him what I had on before he ended the private chat. The dumb ass was too fucking cheap to even stay long enough to see what I had on. He was another $10 dollar loser. He had $10 in his account. He got charged for that whole minute and now he has only $6 left. All of that fucking energy trying to buse a fucking free nut. The way I stood up you couldn’t see anything. I have the camera showing from head to shoulders and so when someone enters private chat he can’t see anything until I stand up and move the fucking chair. These motherfuckers have the nerve to think they’re smarter than me. All motherfuckers like that do is sit in front of a computer with their worthless dick in one hand and a mouse in the other hand trying to get a free nut.

Another Fucking Asshole

youngcockmike: hi sexy

good you x

stroking my young hard cock

cant help your so dam sexy

you got it so dam hard

let me stick it in your ass

can you handle my young cock baby

fuck both

youngcockmike has been blocked

This isn’t all of the conversation because I use a mic and speak a lot instead of typing. You’re only seeing what this fucking idiot typed. This guy did one private chat with me on 9-13-13. This is 7-27-13 which means that he has no intention of spending any money. I blocked his ass because I got tired of trying to get him to come into private chat. He’s talking about his fucking dick and how hard I got him. These assholes like no one has ever seen a dick and their dick is so special.

Another Fucking Asshole

This motherfucker had been coming into my free chat practically everyday several times a day for over a month. He would pop into free chat and pop right back out. I would say hello and he would just leave without saying hello. He finally said something and got his ass blocked. The conversation is below. It’s mostly what he said since I was using my mic to talk.

josh: y do u never show any cleavage

NemesisThePunisher: I didn’t think you could talk

you guys get excited too quick

josh: i can

not even everybody else shows cleavage or shows more of their body with clothes on

NemesisThePunisher: I’m not everybody

josh: if u can entertain ppl thats how u get paid not just sitting there

well everybody else is getting money doing gold shows u jus sitting here

do u even make alot of money

everytime i come in this chat room ur jus sitting there

atleast tease do something or show more of ur body then sitting there

i bet. u will get more money then

josh has been blocked

Another Fucking Loser

Looking4Sum: u got some big tits

NemesisThePunisher: yes

Looking4Sum: lets see

NemesisThePunisher: $5 for me to stand up to see what I’m wearing today, $10 for a titty flash, $10 for a ass flash, $20 to bend over and shake my ass (These are my prices in free chat if the loser don’t want to go into private chat.)

Looking4Sum: i love your hair

NemesisThePunisher: thanks

Looking4Sum: honey u ant that cute …but i got 5 so how do i do this

NemesisThePunisher: you click the gold button

Looking4Sum: so im i going to see sme pussy

NemesisThePunisher: you see pussy in private chat

Looking4Sum: umum idk … u look a mess to act like a 100 dolla hoe when u no u a $4 one
what the fuk wrong wit u ]

Looking4Sum has been blocked

This fucking nigga had a fucking nerve to try and insult someone and he can’t even spell simple words. If I was dumb enough to show it for free he would be sitting his worthless ass in my room in with his useless dick in his hand stroking himself into a fucking comma. He could kiss my fucking ass.

Another Fucking Asswipe

mikenice: hi sexy

NemesisThePunisher: how are you

mikenice: hey beautiful

can u fart on my face?

please? i love that!

mikenice: come on baby im waiting

mikenice: fuck that you fuckin uck

mikenice has been blocked

Let me briefly explain what happened. This fucking idiot came into my free chat talking about how he wanted me to fart on his face. I was like, “OK, I can fart for you”. This asswipe thought I was going to fart in free chat for free. I told him that I would fart for $10 and that I charge $10 for non nude fetishes in free chat. Of course he got mad and I blocked his ass. Why in the fuck do I have to keep explaining to these fucktards that I don’t do shit for free?

Another Fucking Loser

Josh: Hello
I’m surprised that on Sunday you don’t put up a message that says “BEAT IT! I’m closed..”
would you give me small penis humiliation while watching me fuck myself?

NemesisThePunisher: I would love to

Josh: Yes Ma’am
You decide if I’ve earned a cum or not too

Josh has logged off

Let me explain why I put this asshole on this list. This guy has come into my free chat more than once with this bullshit. For some reason he always catches me off guard and I don’t realize who he is until he’s left free chat. How much of a loser do you have to be to come into someone’s free chat with this shit? He claims he wants small penis humiliation and for me to decide if he cam cum or not. He’s what I call a attention whore and a total fucking loser.

Another Fucking Loser

clintonboy11: show sumn

NemesisThePunisher: $5 for me to stand up to see what I’m wearing today, $10 for a titty flash, $10 for a ass flash, $20 to bend over and shake my ass

clintonboy11: nah jus get naked

clintonboy11 has been blocked

It never ceases to amaze me that these fucking losers still haven’t learned a damn thing. You can’t get shit with empty pockets. Here’s a picture I took to show the symbol for money and if you still don’t understand then I made a little video to illustrate my point.

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