Hickey Guy

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Originally Posted On 4-29-08

I was talking to this guy in my chat room and he was telling me that his girlfriend wouldn’t give him any pussy and she was cheating on him. Below is the conversation we had. I’m calling him Hickey Guy because when he said his girlfriend had a hick and that’s how he knew she cheated, I laughed so hard I was choking. I was thinking of writing a post about anal but I think I’ll make that another post because I see a series of post comming from this situation. I laughed at his situation because he’s got a girlfriend that’s fucking around on him and instead of dumping her ass when he found the hickeys he stayed with her. I could see him maybe staying if the pussy was good but he said she cut him off. The funny part is not about the fact that she’s fucking around on him but that that she didn’t give a shit if he knew. How in the hell are you going to have another man in your bed and then go to your main man with fucking hickeys on you. No man is so fucking stupid that he’s not going to realize that you’re fucking around. (That goes both ways because if that was a woman especially a black woman, she would’ve dumped his ass as soon as she saw the hickeys. As a matter of fact that motherfucker would have to watch his back.) Let me tell you something, if a bitch fucking around on you and she comes back with a fucking hickey on her neck, she’s either a stomp down whore or she just don’t give a shit enough about your loser ass to try and hide it. You have to be a loser on some level to stay with a bitch like that. You’ve got the proof right there in front of your face. What the fuck is she gonna tell you if you confront her about it. There’s the proof right there for the whole world to see that she cuckolded your stupid ass. He got himself into that situation because he wanted anal sex and she wouldn’t give it to him and she ended up cutting his ass off. She went out and got the dick from someone else. He should’ve done the same thing.

This reminds me about the call I got one time from this guy who tried to get even with his wife because she wouldn’t let him fuck her in the ass. The flipped the script on his dumb ass and he made the mistake of calling me to tell me about it. That’ll be another post. I think my next post will be about anal and blow jobs.

Hickey guy says: im young, horny and have a bitch girlfriend who won;t gimme any pussy

I said: why

Hickey guy says: cause i wanna fuck her ass

I said: I wouldn’t give you any pussy either

Hickey guy says: she cutme off 100%

Hickey guy says: And I know she’s sleeping around.

I said: lmao

Hickey guy says: so now i want back at that two timing slut

I said: how

I said: why is she a slut

Hickey guy says: the sleeping around

Hickey guy says: and she’s supposed to come by in five mineust and i want her to find me jacking of to someone else before i dump her ass

I said: did you catch her fucking around?

Hickey guy says: no but the hickey’s I didn’t give her are pretty good evidence

I said: lmao, you got me choking

Hickey guy says: can i get you shaking that black ghetto ass for me?

I said: of course, join me in private

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