Bah Bah Black Sheep


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This Was Originally Posted On 5-27-08

I’m the black sheep of my family and it’s not because of what I do for a living. Although that doesn’t help at all, it just gives the miserable jealous bitches in the family a better reason to look down their noses at you. I like being the black sheep because when you’re the black sheep, no one bothers you and they don’t ask you for a damn thing because they think they’re above you for some reason. Nine times out of ten, people like that are in the same boat you’re in or their boat is sinking like a motherfucker. If someone comes to you asking for something, you better bet that you’re their last resort in the matter. The thing about that is that people like that have to get up off of that high horse and swallow the hell out of their pride to come to you for help. I’m a twisted enough bitch to see the irony of it and to find it hiliarious and amusing. The thing about looking down your nose at me is that for one I know about some of those skeletons in their clossets. The funny thing about that is that they don’t realize that I know these things. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black. It reminds me of two brothers I met online that sold adult novelty products. One of the brothers was telling me that people in their family looked down their nose at them because of it. At the same time they were always comming to them for money. The thing about me is that I let them see and think that I’m broke and that cuts down on the having to swallow pride to ask for a favor. Then again they don’t ask me for shit because they know what industry I work in and they dont’ want to have to say that they came to me and asked me for a damn thing. I was talking to my sister the other day and I was reminded about how I’m always the last one to find out anything. It kind of used to piss me off when I was younger but now I just have this fuck it attitude about it. I look at it like this if I’m the last one to find out what going on in the family then that makes me the last bitch in line to ask for shit when they need to get up off of those high horses they’re sitting on. Everyone is on a fucking high horse and can see everyone else’s faults and say what’s wrong with their lives and how they should live them. When people tell me about the shit that goes on in someone else’s life then I’m looking at that person and seeing how miserable they are. I also know what to say in response because my mother used to say when I was younger, “A dog will bring a bone and carry a bone right back.”. The best way to get caught up in some family shit that you could care less about is to make a comment about someone after someone has aired that person’s dirty laundry. I’m going to end my post here and I’ll write my next post about some of what my sister told me.

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