A Wife’s Revenge

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This was Originally Posted On 5-06-08

I got a email from a guy once who had been cuckolded by his wife. He was upset about it. I don’t remember what the email said but I know it made me laugh and I responded by telling him to call me. This guy called me and when he told me what happened I couldn’t do anything but laugh. He brought it on himself and of course I told him so. Here’s the story, I couldn’t have made this shit up if I tried.

He decided to get even with his wife becasue she wouldn’t have anal sex with him. She got pregnant and wanted sex all the time so he decided to get even with her he wouldn’t give her sex. To make sure that he wasn’t up to having sex with his wife he would jerk off all the time so when she wanted it he was too tired to fuck her. One day she caught his ass jerking off and she got even with him. She started fucking on of their neighbors which was a young black guy with a big dick according to the husband. He was so upset because he said that she was married to him and not supposed to be fucking with a another man. I told him that he brought it on himself becasue you can’t outslick a woman. He thought he was getting even with her but she got his ass good. I don’t know what made me ask but I asked him how big his cock was and he told me four inches. I was thinking to myself when I got off of the phone with him that he had the nerve to be mad because she wouldn’t let him fuck her in the ass with that little dick. The only reason that I didn’t tell him that is becasue I didn’t think about it until I got off of the phone. I told a friend about it and all he could say was, “How did he get her pregnant with that little dick? That sperm would have to travel a long way with that little dick.”. I’m telling you that this was so funny. I’m going to end my post here.

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