A Nice Labor Day Laugh

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This was a cute little laugh that I got from a guy who visits my chat room every once in a blue moon. I thought I would share it with you. Some of you may get it and I some of you won’t get it. It is what it is. Have a happy and safe Labor Day everyone!

bankoh: hey baby luv

I’m a union man

looking for that labor day special

labor day sale…

you know



arright baby

i hear you

ain’t noth’n gon on but the rent

is the right?

NemesisThePunisher: that is exactly right

bankoh: hey but you know what…

NemesisThePunisher: what?

bankoh: you aint forget did you?

NemesisThePunisher: forget what?

bankoh: you know why I’m here, right?

NemesisThePunisher: hello

bankoh: that loot gurl…

where’s my loot

you been hold’n my money?

NemesisThePunisher: when you start slinging your dick then you get the loot

bankoh: yeah, you been hold’n it

i see you smiling

gurl, you in arrears

i done slung it

you ain’t paid up

you got outstanding bills up this piece

when i sling???

hell, i done slung…

NemesisThePunisher: yes

bankoh: GET MY LOOT…..

you arright baby

you know i’m mess’n wit ya

i luv you gurl

sho u right

that rent is due on the 1st

is you gonna make it?

that’s right… make ’em wait

arright baby gurl

stay strong mama

one luv baby

arright now…

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