I think he’s the biggest loser of the week so far!

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I was just getting online this morning when this loser contacted me on Skype. You’ve got to be a serious ass loser to go through this much troble trying to get a free nut. Below is the conversation. I get these fucking losers off of a indy site that I won’t mention. This is why cam girls don’t give free previews because they would be flooded with these fucking losers wanting to get a free peak and know damn well they’re not going to pay. This is also the reason why I don’t add anyone to my contact list until you’re paying for a show. Why should I maintain a contact list for a big list of lsers? After a few minutes I just start ignoring their asses. Maybe I should give them the link to my loser ignore cam lin. Here’s the link: Nemesis Divine, LOSER IGNORE CAM LINE!
and here’s the link for the loser ignor line with no cam Nemesis Divine, LOSER IGNORE LINE!

[11:49:56 AM] goddessnemesis: who are you

[11:51:35 AM] tonee florence: My name is in my profile

[11:51:57 AM] goddessnemesis: what do you want?

[11:53:18 AM] tonee florence: A show

[12:01:19 PM] goddessnemesis: what site did you find me on?

[12:01:45 PM] tonee florence: Cam model

[12:02:22 PM] goddessnemesis: what typw of show do yo want?

[12:03:45 PM] tonee florence: Guided masterbation or a show where you have me put as many rubber bands around my balls as you want and uncomfortably jerk off

[12:04:33 PM] goddessnemesis: I can do that

[12:04:44 PM] tonee florence: Which one do you prefer

[12:05:16 PM] goddessnemesis: I like both

[12:05:43 PM] goddessnemesis: I like the rubber bands better

[12:06:53 PM] tonee florence: Do I need a lot? Up to you how many or we can go until they are purple

[12:07:46 PM] goddessnemesis: we can go until they are purple

[12:08:06 PM] goddessnemesis: how many minutes do you want? It’s $3 per minute

[12:10:06 PM] tonee florence: 15 minutes

[12:10:21 PM] goddessnemesis: ok, that’s fine

[12:11:05 PM] goddessnemesis: go to Cam Model Directory and pay for your show. That’s $45

[12:12:10 PM] tonee florence: Ok

[12:12:27 PM] tonee florence: I have feeling I won’t feel my balls after this

[12:12:32 PM] goddessnemesis: let me know when you have paid and we can start the show

[12:12:33 PM] goddessnemesis: lol

[12:12:55 PM] tonee florence: Ok

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